How Wontok can help protect remote workers

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Published:12 May, 2020

Now more than ever small businesses around the globe are rapidly emerging as favoured targets for cyber criminals, and the cost to these companies is high. In fact, the average cost of a data breach worldwide increased to $5.52 million in the last 12 months (source: IBM), a figure widely regarded to increase when the full impact of COVID-19 becomes apparent.

Igniting what Bloomberg calls the “world’s largest work-from-home experiment” COVID-19 has meant that companies of all sizes and in all locations across the globe are having to enable an increasingly remote workforce. Not only is this raising many technical IT difficulties that need to be overcome, but businesses are increasingly concerned about the security of their data and their network connected devices.

New Malware and Phishing campaigns are being used by hackers to exploit this current situation. recently listed a host of threats that were emerging during the pandemic including: Emotet, Agent Tesla, NonoCare, LokiBot, Ursnif, FormBook, Hawkeye, AZORult, TrickBot, and njRAT. This number is set to grow over the coming months.

Key concerns when having remote workers

Many businesses are currently struggling to implement robust cyber security measures for remote workers in order to protect their data and networks.  While there appears to be increased recognition as to the importance of cyber security, there is still a lack of a comprehensive, integrated cyber security solution that protects the entire organisation across web, network, cloud and endpoints. 

During this COVID-19 crisis many companies have seen the increased value in adding the latest devices/BYODs to their networks to support remote working , but  are often completely unaware if those devices are secure or not and what risk they present to the business.

Other often cited key concerns around cyber security and remote workers include:

  • Unauthorised release or sharing of company data
  • Recovery of list files and data
  • Protection from online attacks for network connected devices
  • Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats and other malware
  • Unauthorised use of unknown apps on mobile and computer devices
  • Restrictions on web access by business devices
  • Lack of in-house skills

Wontok’s solutions to protect remote workers

Wontok partners with Service Providers to bring leading cyber security offerings that are robust, flexible, and easily deployable to ensure protection for networks, data and employees – wherever and however they are connected to your business.

Delivered via our Wontok One service platform, our cloud-based solution helps protect remote workers in the following key areas:

Data security

We deploy a proactive approach to Detection, Protection and Remediation in order to keep your data safe from Ransomware, viruses, and other threats. From managing email and web filtering from your Mobile device or in our web application, to our always on device protection, our data security services are highly effective and include:

  • Device Security across mobiles / tablets / PCs – desktop and laptops
    • Device Health Check (screen, battery, and OS checks)
    • Secure Wi-Fi connection
    • Anti-Malware
    • On-line transaction protection
    • Protection across every network
    • Web Filtering
  • Advanced Secure Router – preventing online threats from reaching your connected devices before they can cause harm or damage
  • Email Security and Filtering
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Malicious URL Protection
  • Cyber Insurance

Employee Protection

Our security services protect all employees across PCs, laptops, and all BYOD devices. Web filtering & blocking services securely protect all connected devices from web threats, including MiTM attacks.

Identity Protection

Wontok’s identity security suite provides a unique, three-dimensional approach to identity protection designed to protect, detect, and remediate if an identity breach occurs. Services include: dark web monitoring, privacy breach alerts, identity breach alerts and more.

Our ID protection services are supported by Chubb Insurance who provide complimentary cover to assist with the financial costs associated with restoring the fallout from identity theft. (Terms & conditions apply).

24/7 Support

We have an always on approach to support and provide best in-class help and advice to small businesses and their employees. Our dedicated teams cover: Business Support with easy and reliable technical support; Technical Service Management, which offers a single point of contact to help with your business needs; Product Consulting & Training for deployment support, upgrades, management and training.

Other benefits of using Wontok’s cyber security solutions for businesses

Wontok enables your business to simply manage all your cyber security needs in a single, easy to use platform. Other benefits of Wontok One include:

  • Always-on Protection, Detection, and Restoration: Our three-dimensional approach spans across hardware, cloud, endpoint, and web, allowing businesses to focus on facilitating growth and success.   
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer fast to deploy and cost-effective cyber security solutions that enable you to concentrate on your core business without interruption or the need to hire dedicated in-house resources.
  • Scalable: Our Wontok One platform is highly scalable and can fully accommodate your needs now and in the future.
  • Peace of Mind: Anywhere, Anyhow, Anything – Wontok’s comprehensive approach provides businesses and employees with peace of mind knowing they are protected no matter where, what or how they connect.
  • Complete Control: Be confident that your staff or guests on your network are not introducing risk to your network. Our solutions let you be in control, always.

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