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Wontok Team

Published:19 Jun, 2020

Every organisation is trying to do more with less, which is why it’s important that your cyber security solutions include Web Protection, anti-malware and other safeguards so that your users have a secure browsing experience wherever they connect.

Our Wontok One Web Protect meets the needs of your business by protecting your users against malicious web pages which can have threats such as phishing, ransomware and other scams – on all their connected devices.

The need for web protection

Web-based technologies like cloud computing, social media, SaaS (software as a service) have reshaped how we do business globally. According to PreciseSecurity.com, the web is the number one source for malware distribution today. While many businesses have improved their security to reduce risk, some solutions are unable to provide adequate protection against malicious links no matter where their user’s devices connect.

PreciseSecurity also points out that nearly 40% of companies say that cyber incidents are the second most concerning business risk in 2020 after COVID-19, and as businesses continue to rely on the use of the web for critical business applications, the risk of cyber crime to businesses multiplies as companies are exposed to an ever-increasing diversity of threats.

Techniques commonly used by cyber criminals

Cyber criminals constantly launch attacks designed to penetrate businesses digital defences and steal sensitive data, exposing businesses and their customers to enormous risks, including financial losses, regulatory and compliance issues, data breach liabilities, damage to brand and reputation, and loss of customer confidence.

Your web protection checklist

When looking at web protection solutions we suggest focusing on four key areas:

  1. Advanced web threat protection
  2. Web protection from any location
  3. Web application control
  4. Web protection that is simple to manage and cost effective

1. What to look for in advanced web threat protection

Web threats evolve rapidly, exploiting new techniques to avoid detection. Conventional web filters often do not provide the protection businesses need in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Mobile workforces also put increased demands on security infrastructure, and web applications often further complicate the landscape.

Businesses need an approach to web protection that adopts advanced methods to identify and block today’s threats before they do harm. Your web defence should (at a minimum) combine 24/7 global threat intelligence with the latest web-specific, anti-malware detection technologies to provide proactive threat detection and protection, wherever they emerge:

On the router
With exponential growth on smart devices, security is increasingly complex, so your business needs to stay safe in an always-on connectivity, big data, mobile and social world.

On the device
Every time an employee visits a website, clicks a link in an email, or opens an attachment, you need to ensure that your business is protected. If you operate as a service provider, the risk of inadequate protection means that the actions of an employee could result in serious financial or data loss for not only you but your customers as well.

In the cloud
Delivering connection protection from anywhere through cloud software is a must to ensure users remain as safe as if they were connected at home or in office.

2. The real importance of providing web protection from any location

Many businesses are currently struggling to implement robust cyber security measures for remote workers to protect their data and networks. While there appears to be increased recognition as to the importance of cyber security, there is still a lack of a comprehensive, integrated cyber security solution that protects the entire organisation across web, network, cloud, and endpoints.

The above is especially true during the current COVID-19 crisis with many companies seeing the increased value in adding the latest devices/BYODs to their networks to support remote working , but most continuing to be unaware if those devices are secure or not and what risk they present to the business.

When looking at web protection be sure that your solution protects users regardless of their location—on (or off) your network to combat against:

  • Unauthorised release or sharing of company data
  • Recovery of list files and data
  • Protection from online attacks for network connected devices
  • Ransomeware, Zero-Day Threats, and other malware
  • Unauthorised use of unknown apps on mobile and computer devices
  • Restrictions on web access by businesses devices

3.  Web application control

Web applications, including social media, are ingrained in our personal and business lives. Any framework that depends on user-submitted content is inherently ripe for exploitation and presents a risk to your business as well as having an impact on areas such as employee productivity.

Your business should look for a web threat protection solution that provides granular access without sacrificing security and one that truly reflects the needs of both users and IT administrators within your business.

4. How to simplify IT management and lower web protection costs

Every organisation is trying to do more with less, so it is clearly important that your web protection security solutions operate efficiently. Switching to a new web protection solution should not need to be time consuming and expensive. It should however let you manage remote or offsite users as easily as those on the corporate network. It should be robust and operable even when key infrastructure elements are unavailable or unreachable offsite.

Wontok’s suite of Web Threat Protection solutions allow end users to safely and securely access the web, and by working at the deepest defence layer end-to-end from interception, monitoring and protection we ensure sensitive data and transactions are safe.

Our web protection suite covers:

  • Device protection (even when the user leaves their home/work)
  • Online shopping
  • Banking transactions
  • Suspicious app detection
  • Safety checks to detect if a Wi-Fi network is vulnerable to an attack
  • Content filtering for endpoint protection
  • Cyber protection for any visitors that get into your network
  • Content filtering in the cloud for different profiles….and much more!

Combining the best elements of endpoint, cloud, and gateway solutions to provide a better, more secure web experience – Wontok One WebProtect meets the needs of businesses and service providers – from protecting users across BYO devices with content filtering & blocking services to malicious URL and phishing URL protection, our security suite puts you in control.

Easy to deploy, manage and scale our solution provides:

  • Protection from online threats always and across all devices
  • Automatic alerts issued when accessing any malicious or phishing URLs
  • Ability to block or restrict access to inappropriate web content for end users
  • Development of custom lists of approved and blocked websites that can easily be applied to all devices connected to the specified network
  • Reduced risk from emails that might steal critical information from businesses
  • Site blocking from known ransomware host sites that might encrypt your business data and malicious URLs which might steal data.

For service providers Wontok One WebProtect provides true white label technology that can be delivered to customers through one unified face and brand, allowing end users access to a single cohesive platform, while helping service providers increase customer retention and profitability.

To find out more about our web protection solutions for businesses and service providers, click here. https://www.wontok.com/web-protection/

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