Why your business needs web protection

Wontok Team

Published:29 Jun, 2020

Did you know the average cost of a cyber-security data breach worldwide was $5.52 million over the last 12 months (source: IBM)? Considering this figure is widely regarded to increase when the full impact of COVID-19 becomes apparent, how would your bottom-line cope with that kind of loss?

Cyber criminals constantly launch attacks designed to penetrate businesses digital defences and steal sensitive data, exposing businesses and their customers to enormous risks, including financial losses, regulatory and compliance issues, data breach liabilities, damage to brand and reputation, and loss of customer confidence.

While there appears to be increased recognition as to the importance of cyber security, there is still a lack of a comprehensive, integrated cyber security solution that protects businesses across web, network, cloud, and endpoints.

Some of the more commonly techniques used by cyber criminals today include:

Viruses can spread throughout user files, corrupting, and deleting files and damaging the core functionality of a system.

Spyware hides in the background and records what users do even offline, gathering items like credit card numbers, passwords, browsing habits and much more.

This kind of malware can lock down computers and encrypt files so you cannot access them. Threats to erase everything are then made unless a ransom is paid.

Aggressive adware software can undermine device and network security by serving users a large volume of ads. The sheer volume of these ads can give all types of malware a direct entryway into your system.

A type of malware that disguises itself as legitimate software or is included in legitimate software that has been tampered with creating back-doors in security to let other malware in.

Botnets are networks of infected computers that are made to work together under the control of an attacker.

Worms can infect entire networks of devices, either local networks or across the internet. They do this by using each infected device to infect another and so on.

Successful web protection solutions must combine the best elements of endpoint, cloud, and gateway solutions in order to provide a better, more secure web experience.

When reviewing your web protection be sure that your solution protects users regardless of their location, on (or off) your network, against:

  • Unauthorised release or sharing of company files and data
  • Online attacks for network connected devices
  • Ransomware, Zero-Day Threats, and other malware
  • Unauthorised use of unknown apps on mobile and computer devices
  • Inappropriate web access by business devices

In such a threatening context it is clearly important that organisation’s web protection security solutions operate efficiently while adopting advanced methods to identify and block cyber attacks before they do harm.

Our WontokOne WebProtect solution brings a comprehensive 3 layered approach that will protect businesses:

On the Router
With exponential growth in smart devices, security is increasingly complex. Our solution enables your business to stay safe in an always-on connectivity, big data, mobile and social world.

On the Device
Every time an employee visits a website, clicks a link in an email, or opens an attachment, you need to ensure that your business is protected. If you operate as a service provider, the risk of inadequate protection means that the actions of an employee could also result in serious financial or data loss for not only you but your customers as well. Via Wontok One Web Protect you can have the confidence that you, your employees, and customers are threat protected.

In the Cloud
Our Web Protect solution delivers connection protection from anywhere through cloud software to ensure users remain as safe as if they were connected at home or in office.

To find out more on how Wontok One’s Web Protect can keep businesses safe, click here https://www.wontok.com/web-protection/

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